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A Travel Guide: Fun Things To Do in Bangkok

One of the must-visit cities in the entire world is Bangkok. It lies within the heart of Thailand, Southeast Asia. Now, this capital city is not just rich with beautiful Bangkok women, it is also considered as the center of the country’s economy for its factories, business establishments, etc. It is quite populous which explains why almost all the fun adventures in Thailand take place in this lovely city.

Most of us may have seen a portion of how fun this city can be in the famous movie “The Hangover Part II”. Although we cannot really do the fun things the actors did in the movie, we do have some sort of a travel guide to showcase better alternatives every tourist must try out when find themselves in Bangkok.

Temple Hopping

For those of us who love to get to know every country’s culture, temple hopping might just be the best avenue to get to know and experience the religious aspect of the life in Bangkok. This shows us more of who are the people in Bangkok and how do they live their li…

Top 5 Reasons Why Dating a Bangkok Woman is Worth It

Bangkok - a metropolitan famous for its majestic temples and splendid skylines. A city known for having a tropical paradise and smiling people. But what makes Bangkok City an ideal sojourn aside from its grand tourist attractions? Could it be the women?

Bangkok women are considered to be one of the worthy people to date with. Their impressive stance regarding beauty and personal values allowed them to be the well-off kind of women for courtship and affection. To further discuss these values and attributes, here are the top 5 reasons why dating a Bangkok woman is worth it.

1. Attractive Physical Features - One cannot deny that Bangkok women are inevitably beautiful. This is evident with the number of Thai ladies joining beauty pageants earning spots in the major ranks such as Miss Universe or Miss International. These women are naturally stunning. Their sexy bodies are enough to say they are model worthy. They smile a lot, which others think might be their edge in alluring men. They are…