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Top Bangkok Date Delicacies for Thai Women

Dating Bangkok women in their city can be a mutually-exciting experience if you know where to go and what to do. Going out is all about getting to know your potential partner and establishing a bond. Don’t just settle for a cliché boring date. Bangkok is an amazing city and there’s always an adventure to be found. One of the best ideas for a romantic rendezvous is taking her to experience Bangkok’s many delicacies.
Indeed, Thailand is quite popular for its cuisine. A journey through Thailand, with one of the country’s many lovely Thai girls, is incomplete without enjoying Bangkok’s many gastronomical wonders.  After all, tourists may visit Thailand primarily to meet gorgeous Thai women. Enjoying inexpensive travel and delicious street food are a close second and third. Spicy food lovers especially are in foodie heaven as they take in the sea of stalls dotting the streets and tempting their senses. Around every corner, you’ll be treated to the mouthwatering flavors of this Asian wonde…

Reasons Why It’s Ideal to Marry Bangkok Women

Have you ever thought of having a Bangkok woman as your lawfully wedded wife? Have you imagined spending the rest of your life with Bangkok women? There are numerous bachelors from around the world who want to tie the knot with single women from Thailand. It is not just for the reason that these women are appealing, but also for the fact that they possess great qualities within themselves. If you are one of these bachelors wishing to marry a Thai woman, this article will be of great help.
Thailand women are not just good-looking, but they also portray excellent inner characteristics that make foreign men want to settle down with them. Undeniably, they possess certain qualities that make them as potential wives for both local and foreign men. They know how to keep a serious and deep relationship. For that reason, they are tagged as among the most sought-after brides globally. To give you a better understanding on why it’s ideal to marry a Bangkok lady, here are a couple of reasons tha…

What To Do on Your First Date with a Bangkok Woman

As online matchmaking is paving its way in the virtual world, you might already be seeing a Thai woman as of this writing. Perhaps you have met her through an online dating site and have been exchanging messages with her. Moreover, she may give you hints about meeting each other, but might be too timid to ask you. Women in Bangkok are not used to being blunt with men, so it’s best that you make the first move.
Thinking about meeting a Thai woman you’re having sweet conversations with, may give you an unfamiliar but exciting feeling. Probably, you are feeling tense and anxious about what to do on your first real date. To help in ensuring your date together will be successful, here are few of the things you must do and consider when you are on your first date with your beautiful Bangkok lady.
First thing is, you must learn about Thailand’s culture before you decide to meet her in person. Western culture is way different from that of Thai culture, most especially when it comes to dating…

Top 5 Reasons Why Bangkok Women Are Ideal Wives

If you want to date a traditional yet unique woman, keep your eyes here!

Bangkok women are well-known because they are polite, cheerful, respectful, modest, friendly and the list goes on. These are just few of the reasons why men choose to date women from Bangkok. There are still plenty of women from there who were brought up in a traditional way; that is why they are considered as ideal and nurturing wives. Mainly, these women are taught not to engage in sexual relations before marriage. Most women in Bangkok, Thailand used to preserve their virginity for the wedding night and for the man they love. They always believe that it is the best gift they could ever give to their future husbands.
Aside from the fact that they are demure and neat, they smile a lot too, thus making them alluring for foreign men. If one of these women captures your heart, learn why ladies from the ‘Land of Smiles’ are considered as ideal wives. Here are some of the reasons why:
They are dating to marry. Most wo…

Top 7 Must-try Bangkok Dishes

Bangkokdoes not just take pride in its gorgeous women, biodiversity or scenic views, but also in its culinary excellence that bring its banner among the rest. By far, it is the largest city in Thailand and a melting pot of kind people and great food. If you have the appetite for delicious and changing flavors, Bangkok city can satisfy your taste buds. The city has become a haven for food lovers from around the world. When you get to visit Thailand to get acquainted with sexy Bangkok women, be sure to have a stop at street-sides and be overwhelmed by its cuisines. Here are the top 7 must-try Bangkok food that can make you run off your local restaurant to try these good and mouthwatering dishes:

Pat tai (Pàt tai)

This is Thailand’s most famous dish -- a Bangkok street-eat staple. It is made up of rice noodles being stir-fried with shrimp which is either fresh or dried, bean sprouts, tofu, egg and seasonings. It is usually served with lime halves, a slice of banana flower and a few Chines…

5 Ways to Make the Best Out of Bangkok: A Bucket List

Bangkok -- the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of Thailand located in the Southeast region of Asia. This city entails a great history alongside its modern-day significance in its tourism and economy. The city has this exhilarating mesmeric sights, intoxicating aroma and cosmopolitan pleasures that could get you hooked once experienced.

The capital city of Thailand is quite famous for its uniquely wonderful culture, its food, and of course, shopping. Surely, you would want to get the best out of your travel in Bangkok; hence here is a bucket list of the 5 challenges that you could do in The City of Smiles.

Skip the city traffic with motorcycle taxis

Being a busy city, it is inevitable that Bangkok has almost intolerable traffic jams. If you have a certain schedule, then it is a must that you leave early. Another option is taking the motorcycle taxi. The drivers of these taxis will get you through the hustle and bustle of the city to arrive at your destination on time. Furt…

Bangkok: From Land of Smiles to Land of Soulmates

Bangkok – one of Asia’s grandest destinations but does not hold much of a romantic character in the world like Paris does. But if finding love and relationships are on your list, don’t be dismayed. Their dating aspects might be different from yours, but the basics are still the same.

Here’s how to find out how Bangkok turn from land of smiles to land of soulmates.

Understanding Cultural Differences

Bangkok women are known to be reserved and shy, but beauty is what you can see as soon as they began showing the warmth of their smiles. Dating Thai women might be a lot different from what you’re used to, but guaranteed loyalty and respect is what you get because they value faithfulness. They honor the role of their families and the sanctity of marriage as observed in their culture. Thus, if you’re looking for a long-lasting marriage and relationship, Bangkok women might be ideal for you.

Showing Sensibility

Bangkok is one the busiest cities in the world and one might take it a bit too much.…

A Travel Guide: Fun Things To Do in Bangkok

One of the must-visit cities in the entire world is Bangkok. It lies within the heart of Thailand, Southeast Asia. Now, this capital city is not just rich with beautiful Bangkok women, it is also considered as the center of the country’s economy for its factories, business establishments, etc. It is quite populous which explains why almost all the fun adventures in Thailand take place in this lovely city.

Most of us may have seen a portion of how fun this city can be in the famous movie “The Hangover Part II”. Although we cannot really do the fun things the actors did in the movie, we do have some sort of a travel guide to showcase better alternatives every tourist must try out when find themselves in Bangkok.

Temple Hopping

For those of us who love to get to know every country’s culture, temple hopping might just be the best avenue to get to know and experience the religious aspect of the life in Bangkok. This shows us more of who are the people in Bangkok and how do they live their li…

Top 5 Reasons Why Dating a Bangkok Woman is Worth It

Bangkok - a metropolitan famous for its majestic temples and splendid skylines. A city known for having a tropical paradise and smiling people. But what makes Bangkok City an ideal sojourn aside from its grand tourist attractions? Could it be the women?

Bangkok women are considered to be one of the worthy people to date with. Their impressive stance regarding beauty and personal values allowed them to be the well-off kind of women for courtship and affection. To further discuss these values and attributes, here are the top 5 reasons why dating a Bangkok woman is worth it.

1. Attractive Physical Features - One cannot deny that Bangkok women are inevitably beautiful. This is evident with the number of Thai ladies joining beauty pageants earning spots in the major ranks such as Miss Universe or Miss International. These women are naturally stunning. Their sexy bodies are enough to say they are model worthy. They smile a lot, which others think might be their edge in alluring men. They are…

Happy Heart's Day

Valenine's day is fast approaching and with a lot of dating advice flooding the internet, sometimes we get too overwhelmed on what to do and what to follow. Yes, it is very expedient to have a successful first date that’s why we delve into the web for guides and resources. For your convenience, here are some ways or tips on how to make a good impression on your date. Dress Appropriately. Dressing appropriately for your first date is as important as attending a job interview. This really matters. Remember that what you wear reflects what kind of person you are. If you wear with elegance, that means you are a respected or a responsible person. If you wear something more chill, that means you are an outgoing person. This affects the first impression of your date. Whether it’s a date in a restaurant, hiking, movie dates, or in a sports affair, choosing the best outfit to wear is something you should consider. Why is this so? Well, if you are trying to show that you are a great catch, …

What to do when dating an Asian Woman

Asia is the world’s largest continent. Aside from its delicious food and beautiful sceneries, Asia has beautiful people too.
Asian Women are known for having a pretty face and a slender body. A lot of these Asian women are successful in their career, may it be modeling, singing and even acting. Let’s not forget, they’ve won pageant titles too! Asian women are to die for and I’d date them if I were you!

Dating an Asian woman is different from what you’re used to. Here are a few tips when dating an Asian chick:

Before dating an Asian, find an Asian

You can find her in a mall, or maybe in a gym, in a library, in a restaurant (they love food) or the easiest way to find them is on adating site. When you find the girl you like, talk to her BUT always remember to show respect. You can complement her but DO NOT BE RUDE (never say sexual things). Asian women love to talk about different things like food, fashion, or beautiful places and they’d love it even more if the guy had a good sense of h…