Top Bangkok Date Delicacies for Thai Women


Dating Bangkok women in their city can be a mutually-exciting experience if you know where to go and what to do. Going out is all about getting to know your potential partner and establishing a bond. Don’t just settle for a cliché boring date. Bangkok is an amazing city and there’s always an adventure to be found. One of the best ideas for a romantic rendezvous is taking her to experience Bangkok’s many delicacies.

Indeed, Thailand is quite popular for its cuisine. A journey through Thailand, with one of the country’s many lovely Thai girls, is incomplete without enjoying Bangkok’s many gastronomical wonders.  After all, tourists may visit Thailand primarily to meet gorgeous Thai women. Enjoying inexpensive travel and delicious street food are a close second and third. Spicy food lovers especially are in foodie heaven as they take in the sea of stalls dotting the streets and tempting their senses.
Around every corner, you’ll be treated to the mouthwatering flavors of this Asian wonderland of tastes. Truly, your Bangkok experience cannot be called complete until you’ve exposed your palate to the dishes that have become an enormous part of Thailand’s culture and traditions. With so many options, though, it can be tough to choose which meal to try and where to try it at. So here’s a list of the best food Bangkok has to offer and the best date locations in which to enjoy them:

Thip Samai and Pad Thai

Trying to impress a Thai girl on a date begins and ends at Thip Samai, and with their specialty, Pad Thai. Ask any local for the best restaurant serving Pad Thai, and Thip Samai will be the first across their lips.

Pad Thai is a popular Thai dish that consists of traditional noodles with stir-fried eggs, bean sprouts, and chopped, firm tofu. It goes well with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried or fresh shrimp, garlic, red chili pepper, and palm sugar. Knowing about this delectable item and the best location to try it out is sure to leave her fascinated.

661 Silom and Torched Scallops

Torched scallops may not sound that unique for a dish, especially on a romantic rendezvous with Thai women. To see and smell this sensational seafood offering, however, is to find it irresistible. The cheese melting on top, along with the sweet and spicy vinegar sauce creates a mélange of flavors that will leave her delighted.

While not a native Thai recipe, the taste, and price of these mollusks are unmatched. 661 Silom is recognized as the best in Bangkok. The atmosphere is outstanding and will thrill her as much as the food.

Naga Café and Satay

Satay is another adopted recipe. Bangkok restaurants have embraced it however and applied their own twist to this meal to give it an unmistakable Thai taste. Your Asian woman’s eyes will certainly light up at the thought of eating Satay. Its ingredients include chicken strips marinated in turmeric and coconut milk prior to grilling.

Naga Cafe is the best place to enjoy the must-try, tasty Satay while wooing a Thai woman. If you have yet to discover a Bangkok girl that sparks your interest, though, this is also one of the best places to meet one.

Chinatown’s Fried Quail Eggs

Chinatown is a superb location to meet and date a Thai girl. While there, you must try the Fried quail eggs. Don’t be fooled by their tiny size. Every bite is a one-way ticket to flavor heaven. After being fried, the eggs are drizzled with special Thai seasoning, a secret sauce, and pepper powder, resulting in a sensationally sizzling morsel.

This local specialty may become one of your favorite street foods. Bangkok’s Chinatown is really the only place to try these tiny, delicious quail eggs; whether you are already meeting someone or just looking.

Siam Paragon and Thai Crispy Pancakes

Locally known as Khanom Buang, this Bangkok delicacy is made of rice flour stuffed with coconut meringue and topped with grated coconut or marinated shrimp.  
This specialty dessert has two different fillings: sweet or savory and is an especially lovely treat when staring across the table from Thai Women.

While available across Bangkok, Siam Paragon is universally recognized as the spot for Thai Crispy Pancakes. The range of restaurants and food stalls her is expansive, but grabbing crispy pancakes should be a priority.

Mango Sticky Rice in Mango Tango

Mango Tango’s mango sticky rice absolutely tops and their restaurant is one of the best places to meet and date Thailand women. Considering that they utilize the freshest, sweetest mango, it’s no wonder this dessert place is always packed with locals and tourists.

Mango sticky rice itself is a popular traditional Thai snack made of glutinous rice and ripe mangoes, drizzled with coconut cream. This dessert can be eaten hot or cold. The reasonable price and divine taste have made this sticky dish as ubiquitous on Thai dates as popcorn is at American movies.

Jim Thompson House and Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut ice cream is the perfect treat for cooling down in the Bangkok heat, or for heating up a romantic evening from the start. This Thai treat is served on half a coconut shell topped with fresh coconut meat scraped from inside. You can have it with three different toppings, equal in their greatness.

Jim Thompson House serves this super-yummy delight with an iced Thai tea. You can make your date with a Thai girl multi-faceted by taking a tour inside the house to enjoy the lovely architecture and art. Indeed, this is one place you simply can’t miss visiting while in Bangkok.

So if fate and a plane ticket ever have you wandering the Land of Smiles, you certainly owe it to yourself to try these Bangkok delicacies with your Thai girl. Whether you are looking for spicy flavors or sensational and sincere Thai women, Bangkok can meet your needs and more.

Having this knowledge will not only lead you to excellent tastes, but your Thai girl will recognize your discerning taste and knowledge of her country. So whether you’re a foodie who’s on the hunt for unmatched cuisine or searching for single Bangkok girls, this premier Asian destination will certainly not disappoint. 


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