Top 7 Must-try Bangkok Dishes

Bangkok does not just take pride in its gorgeous women, biodiversity or scenic views, but also in its culinary excellence that bring its banner among the rest. By far, it is the largest city in Thailand and a melting pot of kind people and great food. If you have the appetite for delicious and changing flavors, Bangkok city can satisfy your taste buds. The city has become a haven for food lovers from around the world. When you get to visit Thailand to get acquainted with sexy Bangkok women, be sure to have a stop at street-sides and be overwhelmed by its cuisines. Here are the top 7 must-try Bangkok food that can make you run off your local restaurant to try these good and mouthwatering dishes:

Pat tai (Pàt tai)


This is Thailand’s most famous dish -- a Bangkok street-eat staple. It is made up of rice noodles being stir-fried with shrimp which is either fresh or dried, bean sprouts, tofu, egg and seasonings. It is usually served with lime halves, a slice of banana flower and a few Chinese stalk chives. For decades, Thip Samai restaurant is undoubtedly Bangkok’s most complimented destination because of the said dish.

Tom yam (đôm yam)


It is often called as ‘Thai sour soup’. With a savory combination of lemongrass, kariff lime leaf and lime juice, tom yam has gained the label as Thai’s best soup. It is also characterized by its fresh chillies or an oily chili paste which provide it with a legendary sting. This dish is available just everywhere in Bangkok, even in the streets. However, if you really want to try a special tom yam, you can pay a visit to Krua Apsorn-- a legendary shophouse restaurant in the city, where the best version of tom yam is hard to beat.

Gooay teeo reua (Gŏo-ay đĕe-o reu-a)


It is translated as “boat noodles” because the small bowls used to serve the dish were previously used by boats along the canals and rivers of Bangkok and central Thailand. It is made up of a dark and slow-cooked broth which intermixes meat, herbs, and dried spices. Of all Thai noodle dishes, this pork and/or beef-based dish is one of the most full-flavored and intimidating one.

Som tum (Sôm-đam)


This dish is from a crunchy thin strips of papaya which are bruised with mortar and pestle along with its other ingredients: tomatoes, long beans, chilies, garlic, fish sauce and lime. This dish actually originated in Thailand’s northeast rural areas and was brought to Bangkok by migrant laborers. Since then, it has become popular among Thai people, especially to Bangkok women, who love the spicy hot sensation it provides. Feel the burn for yourself at most Bangkok’s street-side restaurants.

Kanom beuang (Kà-nŏm bêu-ang)


This tiny and taco-like snack is sold with two types of fillings: sweet and savory. The sweet one is combined with rich strands of duck egg and preserved fruit. The savory, on the other hand, includes a spicy mixture of dried shrimp and white pepper. This food is available at streetsides in Bangkok--- at Nang Loeng Market to be exact.

Mee grorp (Mѐe gròrp)


It is more like a crispy noodle dish  prepared in a traditional way. This dish is a former palace recipe that provides a unique fragrance as well as a sweet and sour flavor which make it a dying breed. If you want to try the old-school version of this dish, you may dine at Chote Chitr restaurant in Bangkok.

Kow mok (Kôw mòk)


This is also called as Biryani or spiced rice in Thailand. Basically, in Bangkok, the said dish is typically made with chicken which is served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce and a bowl of chicken broth. You can try this tempting food at the 70-year-old Bangkok institution, mainly Muslim Restaurant.

Bangkok, Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisine. The aforementioned dishes are just some of those mostly-street food you will surely love. If you are into spicy foodstuff, Bangkok dishes are the ones for you. Get to taste these scrumptious food as you wander in the City of Smiles with the hope of meeting and dating hot Bangkok women.


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