5 Ways to Make the Best Out of Bangkok: A Bucket List

Bangkok -- the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of Thailand located in the Southeast region of Asia. This city entails a great history alongside its modern-day significance in its tourism and economy. The city has this exhilarating mesmeric sights, intoxicating aroma and cosmopolitan pleasures that could get you hooked once experienced.

The capital city of Thailand is quite famous for its uniquely wonderful culture, its food, and of course, shopping. Surely, you would want to get the best out of your travel in Bangkok; hence here is a bucket list of the 5 challenges that you could do in The City of Smiles.

Skip the city traffic with motorcycle taxis

Being a busy city, it is inevitable that Bangkok has almost intolerable traffic jams. If you have a certain schedule, then it is a must that you leave early. Another option is taking the motorcycle taxi. The drivers of these taxis will get you through the hustle and bustle of the city to arrive at your destination on time. Furthermore, this transportation medium is safe, accessible and indeed affordable.

Get your stomach full at a condom-themed restaurant

There is this unique restaurant in Bangkok called Cabbages and Condoms whose interior is decked of the colorful contraceptive rubbers with its lighting fixtures to its foliage. This idea came to be as a goal to promote a better understanding and acceptance of family planning. Now, the restaurant may appear weird but you could entirely forget that you are dining in a sea of rubbers once you get to taste their food. It is a food place to die for!

Test your taste buds through dining in the dark

Thai people are undeniably creative and innovative. They can totally give a twist to almost everything just like how they could come up with a cool probably a weird way to eat -- dining in the dark. You could enjoy the burst of flavor more in your mouth as you only get to focus on your senses, except for seeing through a cool restaurant in Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. You get to choose from a number of four-course meals including Asian, Western, vegetarian or special surprise cuisines. Not only will it give a flavorful experience but as well as an unforgettable one.

Appreciate life through the Death Museum

They say there is no greater way to appreciate beauty than the contrast. You will never appreciate summer if you haven’t experienced winter much more like you can’t appreciate Angelina Jolie without… well... 90% of the human population. And to marvel on life itself, visiting the Siniraj Medical Museum dubbed as the Death Museum is a good idea. This museum displays a morbid exhibition of preserved bodies of victims, murderers, genetic-disordered babies, dissected adults and even 35 kg human testicle. We’ll just leave it all here and let you experience it by yourself.

Experience genuine affection from a Thai Lady

Bangkok, Thailand has some of the world’s most sought-after ladies and it would be a great missing point if you do not get to experience how they love. Get to meet beautiful Bangkok women and be mesmerized by them. These women are not just stunningly gorgeous but are also kind and warm-hearted. They may have petite bodies, yet they have big hearts that are enough to give you a lifetime experience of love.

Surely, you are all excited to get on that plane and fly your way to the City of Smiles. The remaining question is, are you ready to take on the challenge?


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