A Travel Guide: Fun Things To Do in Bangkok

One of the must-visit cities in the entire world is Bangkok. It lies within the heart of Thailand, Southeast Asia. Now, this capital city is not just rich with beautiful Bangkok women, it is also considered as the center of the country’s economy for its factories, business establishments, etc. It is quite populous which explains why almost all the fun adventures in Thailand take place in this lovely city.

Most of us may have seen a portion of how fun this city can be in the famous movie “The Hangover Part II”. Although we cannot really do the fun things the actors did in the movie, we do have some sort of a travel guide to showcase better alternatives every tourist must try out when find themselves in Bangkok.

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Temple Hopping

For those of us who love to get to know every country’s culture, temple hopping might just be the best avenue to get to know and experience the religious aspect of the life in Bangkok. This shows us more of who are the people in Bangkok and how do they live their lives. There are several temples to visit such as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and the Temple of Dawn.

Palace Visitation

A must-see site in Bangkok is the Grand Palace, the city’s most sought after landmark. The palace was built in 1782 and has been the home of the royal families although more recently, it has only been used for special occasions. The Grand Palace is actually made up of several pavilions and halls with open courtyards and gardens. This beautiful place caters an influx of visitors every day. One thing to remember is that men and women in Bangkok visiting the palace must wear appropriate clothing; that is, have their legs covered by pants, culottes, or long skirts.

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Bangkok Nightlife

One of the most exciting things to experience in Bangkok is its nightlife. From night markets to night clubs, Bangkok has got all of it. Bangkok has some really fun clubs and bars where great drinks and beautiful Thai women hang out. If you are all about social drinking and getting buzzed or if you wish to spend a wild night, you definitely need to drop by the infamous secret bars and clubs in Bangkok. Here is where all the fun starts and it’s something you should not skip over while you’re in Bangkok.

Food Trip

Another thing you don’t want to miss in Bangkok is their food. You should never miss out on food markets in Bangkok. If you are into trying out Bangkok street food and local specialties such as pad thai or mango and sticky rice, then you will love visiting their day and night markets. What is great about these markets is the fact that all the food options are not only very tasty but also very affordable. And so, if you have a big appetite, your tummy will surely be full without shaking your bank account.


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