5 Romantic Dinner Date Destinations in Bangkok


Bangkok is the upbeat capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand. It is among the world's top tourist destinations. It is where you will find adventures, recreation and relaxation all in one place. It will not only offer you an adrenaline rush and soothing vibe but also an amazing gastronomic experience. With its rapidly-growing dining scene, Bangkok will surely entice you with its well-plated cuisine.
With the increasing number of restaurants, Bangkok is slowly becoming a destination for food enthusiast couples. Although dating may not be the first to come to mind when you come and visit this city, it has become one of the go-to destinations for couples due to romantic restaurants available within the area. If you are planning to go on a romantic dinner date, here are a few of the most romantic places you could take your date to in Bangkok:

Sala Rattanakosin

You can find one of the most iconic views in Bangkok offered by a hotel boutique called Sala Rattanakosin. Its location on the riverside directly opposite to Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn gives diners a magnificent view from the all-glass portion of the restaurant, all while enjoying the  Mediterranean, Western and Thai classic dishes.

The best views, however, can be found from the rooftop bar, The Roof. The fifth-floor open-air bar presents you with a panoramic view of Wat Arun, Chao Phraya River, the golden spires and glittering shrines of The Grand Palace, and the Wat Pho in one sweep. It shows both the romantic and cultural side of the city. This magnificent view will definitely make you fall in love with Bangkok.

Supanniga Cruise

A good way to see the spectacle that is offered by the city of Bangkok is to ride on board the Supanniga Cruise. You do not only get to see the beautiful sunset of the city on the Chao Phraya River accompanied by drinks and snacks, but will also give you a grand nighttime view of it with a six-course dinner of an exquisite Thai taste.

The cruise will also give you a magical view of the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Navy Hall with the sunset shining on them. It is a great way to enjoy the city and its grandeur while having an intimate dinner with your loved one. The vibe and atmosphere are what makes this cruise romantically perfect!

Loy Nava

If you feel like going back in time to fully immerse yourself with Thailand’s history and culture, Loy Nava Dinner Cruise is the place to be. It is the only antique rice barge that sails in the Chao Phraya River giving you the splendor of the gleaming historic structures of Bangkok under the night sky. The cruise will not just give you a sight to behold but also a dinner of traditional Thai cuisine and Thai hospitality.

This could possibly be one of the many ways you could win the heart of Thai women as it does not only reflect romanticism but also shows your interest in their culture. The Loy Nava Dinner Cruise is not only a combination of delicious food and exquisite sights but also of the colorful Thai culture.


Baiyoke Sky Balcony Buffet

Seeing the skyline of the capital city of Thailand is one thing but watching it over a buffet dinner in the second tallest building in the country is a whole different story. While the Baiyoke Tower has a lot of other things to offer, its main highlight is the sky balcony buffet. Nothing can be more romantic than a dinner date to marvel at the amazing city skyline beneath you.

The Baiyoke Sky Balcony Buffet will not only be enticing you with the city lights beneath and the blanket of stars above, but it will also give you the satisfaction of the Thai and international cuisine buffet. This top-of-the-world date destination is definitely worth every baht spent.

Sala Rim Naam

With a lot of great restaurants in Bangkok, achieving a romantic Thai experience can be difficult. However, Sala Rim Naam has combined all the elements needed for it to give diners the most romantic setting possible. It succeeds by blending the location and the excellent Mandarin Oriental service and delightful food.

The elegant Thai decorations present in the place will definitely get you up in the mood to eat exquisite Thai cuisine. With the food and the location this restaurant has, it is a perfect place for a romantic date.

There are hundreds of things that you can do and a ton of wonderful places to go during a date in Bangkok. It doesn’t always have to be romantic dinners in classy restaurants. You can explore the city with your date and get introduced to a lot of different things that you could only find in Thailand. The most important part of the date is that you get to know each other and you have fun together.


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